Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snark and Smarm.

This was not the exact phrase that was uttered in class tonight; I believe it was "smarm and snarkiness." Nevertheless, I quickly wrote it down, cause I knew that it would be a good title. And if the guy who uttered it was 'snark,' then the greasy squirrel with ADD that sits next to me is 'smarm.' Normally, he is trying to answer every question; I've heard him raise his hand and actually say something like "I don't really know what I'm saying, but..." When not answering a question, he's busy tapping on the table and fidgeting. However, tonight he was quiet as can be because he was sleeping throughout most of class. This is always a funny sight, regardless of who it is (the head-bobbing business always makes me laugh). I also couldn't help but notice him sleeping because of the way his head and neck were sort of cocked to the side. It looked so unnatural.

And since I have a love for practical jokes, I thought about how funny a well-timed Piccolo Pete firework going off right on top of the desk would make someone jump out of their sleep. Just a dream -- a lovely daydream. Unfortunately, sometimes these funny scenarios pop into my head at really inopportune times during class, and I have to do something, like bite my finger, so that I don't laugh. These thoughts come when, for instance, people are talking about how moving a particular scene in a film was to them. So yeah, it would be especially awful if I let loose a pre-laugh snort at that moment. However, I'm sure it looks very strange to anyone watching me ferociously bite my finger at that moment, too.

And that was film class tonight. My last class of the term. I am now on my winter break. There is always a strange feeling on the last day of a school-term. There is alleviation, but there is also melancholy. It's very strange. I suppose that it feels that way because of how abrupt the end is. During the whole term, homework and future homework constantly burden the brain. There's never any true weightlessness. It feels never-ending for that two and a half months, then one day you're done. In this context, I think it's hard for the brain to quickly transition into rest mode, and so it continually tells you that things need to be done. As of now, I still don't quite feel like I'm done. I've yet to achieve true relaxation. This is how it feels every term. And yet, I still enjoy school.

However, this break is much needed. Money issues, intestinal sickness, and a bad teacher kinda took hold of my thoughts this term. I've been considering writing a rateyourprofessor.com post about this teacher. I still might, but I know that i first need to address my problems here, in a lengthy screed about how much she sucks. That will be soon, if not the next post. Maybe I should wait till I get my final fucking grade from her, because she probably trolls the internet looking for the bad shit that people have inevitably written about her. Well, no I probably won't wait. That's all for tonight. Till next time.

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