Monday, June 21, 2010

It has been even longer...

I suppose that it's about time that I posted something on this severely neglected blog. If only to just show off the new template, apparently a new option with blogspot. This cool-blue border is pleasing to the eye and the map background says "I'm a world traveler." No? At the very least it says "I'm a history major?"

I'm usually reluctant to post something unless I have a point or a purpose, but that is exactly what this post is gonna be about. I just wanted to put something up to break this spell and to hopefully get me back into the process of writing on the blog. Since last post it's been more of the same, school and all. And that means routine and roughly the same faces day in and out, so therefore not much excitement. I can only manufacture so much drama from that kind of existence.

My first term at Portland State University was not too surprising. The faces were, generally, younger; the kids were a little snottier. My professors were very good though, and ultimately that's all I care about. It looks promising, based off of my professors. And the choices in history courses are really fantastic. The campus is a lot larger than I realized, but it will probably feel small soon enough. God, I sound like such a cynic. Well, I am, but despite sounding unenthusiastic about my term, it was actually good. It was just very intense. The weekly-reading load was incredible, I would even say hardly manageable at times. Thank god the material was interesting.

Now I'm on break for the summer for three months and some change. I plan to frequently update this blog this summer, keep the stories-a-flowin.' There's a few stories I've been thinking of blogging about, so they should appear soon enough. These last two weeks have been a period of decompression and normalization, and now I'm beginning to get into the rhythm of the warm and lazy afternoons creeping into the long summer nights. Now I'm just waiting for this damn Portland weather to catch up. Till then.

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