Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's freezing, but at least I have mono.

Just a quick note. I don't even really have anything to share,...just wanted to write something.

This is the first time I've written something that hasn't been school related since, well, school started. It's been that kind of a term. Now that my body and brain have had a small amount of rest, I'm finding some sort of coherence in my thoughts. The term is not over yet, however.

It's been a very long time since I've gone out and bought a CD -- paid full price for one, that is. I can't remember the last time that I threw down twenty duckets on an album, but I had to yesterday. Though I have an older record from the band Mono, (an album called One Step More and You Die)  I never kept up with their releases. However, I was on YouTube, of course, and found a song of theirs called "Pure as Snow." If 'Post-Rock' is your thing (however lame that fucking moniker is), then you'll know what to expect, and surely you'll be lovin' the shit outta this track:

Yeah, melancholic and blissful. They have an orchestra and everything. Long as hell songs, but if you're patient then these slow crescendos pay off in the end. The raw production is perfect for this kind of music, too. The album that this song comes from is called Hymn to the Immortal Wind. The album that I purchased yesterday though was called Mono: Holy Ground: NYC Live with The Wordless Music Orchestra. It is basically Hymn to the Immortal Wind done live with an orchestra. Really fucking excellent stuff. It's hard to explain this, but it is the kind of music that feels fitting for the winter. I'm not just saying that because the track is called "Pure as Snow." It's production probably lends it some of that feel; it is lo-fi, which gives it kind of a 'vagueness' or even 'loneliness.' And the washy sounds during the loudest part of the crescendo is noisy and chaotic, actually sounding like wind through a tunnel. The music itself is very mournful-sounding: the kind of thing you might want played at your funeral. Maybe a strange thought, but I could kinda see it. The live album, that also has a DVD of the performance, is well worth the twenty bones. I'll probably put down another twenty for the record of Hymn to the Immortal Wind. Why twenty? Because it probably sounds even better in record form (vs. CD or YouTube clips) so I'll pay the price.

Well what do you know? I actually had something to share. Mono.

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